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This web site is about preventing loss of sight from Detached Retina


Resources for Post Retinal Surgery Patients

Disclaimer: I cannot give medical advice that is for your M.D. to do. I can only refer you to M.D. web pages, tell of my own experience or refer you to the newsgroup at ( and one of the over 1200 members of the newsgroup who have had retinal surgery may be able to help you.

1. Detached Retina Newsgroup
Many Patients feel pretty upset (and lonely) after retinal surgery and send me an email directly. I almost always refer them to our Detached Retina News Group. I am the moderator of that newsgroup. The group seems to be always able to help whether it be info about their own recovery, advice on what to expect, or other support.

There are two retinal surgeons on this site. There is a retinal diseases board you have to go to. One of the retinal surgeons contacted me directly to encourage site visitors to come to their site. It's free, so use it.

3. Finding another Eye M.D. or getting a second opinion.
For the U.S., there is a utility on the website to find an eye M.D. in your city. Choose the Retinal option on the drop down menu. The listings show  how long they have been in practice, where they went to school, etc. You might feel more comfortable with someone who was trained at one of the world class eye institutes like Wilmer, Wills or Bascom-Palmer. I look for someone with 10 years of experience or so. Click here to find an eye doctor in the U.K. Click here for Best Eye Hospitals in the U.S.

4. People ask me what the typical post surgery experience is.
The answer is experiences vary widely. Maybe that's why the Docs don't tell us more. Best approach is to ask your Doc. Next best approach is to go to the newsgroup and post your question. There are enough people in the group that you are likely to get input from someone who has been through what you are going through. One thing the group is likely to tell you is that the eye takes a long time to heal and it may take over a year to get back to near normal. My prescription changed 1.5 Diopters over six months after surgery. Click here for the Detached Retina News Group.

That's all I know. Good healing!


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