This website is about preventing loss of eyesight due to Detached Retina


Non-Clinical Description of Surgical Procedures

Remember a Detached Retina is a medical emergency and there is little time to select a Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon. Think about it!

Since my eye was full of blood (I couldn't see) and the surgeon could not see to do a repair, the Vitreous Humour inside the eye was removed and replaced with a solution. This is done with a special machine invented at the Bascom-Palmer Eye Institute in Miami which cuts through the white part of the eye, removes the Vitreous Humour inside and replaces it with a solution all in one operation.

Laser Repair
After the Vitrectomy the surgeon could see what needed to be repaired. Two retinal tears and an isolated detachment were were repaired.

Scleral Buckle
As the Surgeon wanted to make sure the procedure was a success, he placed a Scleral Buckle Implant on the outside of the eye opposite the detached area. The buckle is a silicone implant that squeezes the eyeball. The upside is higher probability of a successful procedure. The downside is that the eyeball is 2 millimeters longer and my uncorrected vision got a lot worse.

Gas Bubble
A gas bubble is then placed in the eye that puts some positive pressure against the retinal tears. The bubble disappears after a week or so.

I was on light duty after the procedure but for some cases have to lie face down on a special table for weeks so the bubble will push against the detached area!

Good News
Over 18 years since my detachment and all is good.


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