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Other Personal Reports About About Detached Retina

From Ohio Newspaper Article (9/15/99)
Woman volunteers to help prevent blindness organization because her very nearsighted mother suffered two detached retinas. Neither the woman or her mother had ever heard of the increased risk of detached retina for very nearsighted people. Her mother lost her vision.

From a Runners Newsgroup Posting (10/1/99)
28 Yr. old very nearsighted runner reports suffering a detached retina while jogging.
Answers to posting included a recommendation to keep on running!

From a MS Newsgroup Posting (10/15/99)
Woman reports that her father suffered two detached retinas, one while sneezing.

From a Visitor to this website (10/26/99)
28 Yr. old woman had a hole in her visual field detected during an eye exam by an Optometrist. Retinal Detachment repaired later by an MD.

From a Visitor to this website (11/5/99)
A nearsighted 38 Yr. old man reports all that he went thought to repair a retinal tear.

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