This website is about preventing loss of eyesight due to Detached Retina

"If you're very nearsighted* & over 40 (maybe younger) you are more susceptible to Detached Retina-You have a 1 in 20 chance in your life time of a detachment versus 1 in 300 for the general population"
* -6.0 Diopter correction or greater

A Detached Retina is a Medical Emergency! - most people know about heart attack and a stroke symptoms, but few know about detached retina symptoms and the urgent need to get treatment.
Open Letter to Eye care professionals 

Detached Retina Symptoms
Flashes of light, increase in Floaters, or a Dark Curtain across your field of vision.  Other symptoms very widely and include - holes in visual field, peripheral vision loss, wavy lines, and sometimes no symptoms. See an eye M.D. if you sense something strange or unusual going on with your vision.

You Need to Act Quickly
If you have any of the above symptoms go see an eye M.D. ASAP!  Call them at night, weekends or holidays. If the Retina is detached it should be reattached within 24 hrs for best outcome. Do not wait! Too many people wait. You won't die from inaction but you may lose sight in the affected eye. If you don't have an eye MD click here to find one.

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Link to "Find an Eye M.D." Utility on AAO Web Site  AAO is American Academy of Ophthalmology

National Eye Institute Detached Retina Resource Guide

I started this web site in 1999 to reach "At Risk" people with information that was not given to me in 45 years of going to a dozen Optometrists and Ophthalmologists . I am not an eye care professional. Since October 1999  100,000's of  people have visited this site. 100's have sent me direct emails asking for help and many say the message here saved their eyesight. This is the number one detached retina website on the web and our companion newsgroup at has over 1000's members and is the number one vision related newsgroup with over 40,000 messages posted.
My Detached Retina Story
On August 31, 1999, while doing computer work at 1:30 in the afternoon, a "Dark Cloud" began to move across my field of vision and I could not see out of my right eye (my best eye) after a few seconds. I was in the Ophthalmologist office closest to home by 3:30, with a Retinal Surgeon by 10:00 am the next day and out of eye surgery by 1:00 in the afternoon the third day. Three days that changed my life. I have recovered now but a lot has changed. No more running 3 to 4 miles three times a week, no more weight lifting, no more roller coasters. In 45 years of going to eye care specialists nobody warned me about the risk. I was pretty nearsighted with well over a 6 Diopter correction. If you are nearsighted you know what this means. My sister, who is also very nearsighted, also had never been warned about the risk. On January 1, 2001 the same thing happened to her!  We were able to get her to a retinal surgeon in 6 hours on a Holiday

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What are your chances? 

Overall chance of a detached retina in any given year for the general population in the U.S. is 1 chance in 15,000. Some sources indicate chances are 1 in 10,000. That's 25,000 people with a detached retina in the U.S. each year!

5% of very nearsighted people (over 6 Diopter correction) will experience a retinal detachment in their lifetime.

40 to 50 % of retinal detachment patients are nearsighted/shortsighted (myopic).

Your risk of detached retina increases:
1.If you are very nearsighted.
2. As you grow older.
3. If you are physically very active (including extra strenuous work e.g.  tree surgeon).
4. If you already had a Detached Retina in one eye (I am at high risk).

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Best prevention is a periodic comprehensive eye exam by an Ophthalmologist who can assess your degree of risk and possibly catch a problem early while it can be treated more easily. Plan what you would do if you have symptoms
24 hour eye emergency resources

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Many Detached Retina patients report they did not know about the symptoms-help get the word out          

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